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Research and Training Institute ReTI Foundation

Key Areas of Operations

Pro Science and Knowledge

To educate scientific evidence-based rational thinking over superstitious and ungrounded beliefs.

Scientific knowledge is based upon observation, and it is supplemented by experimentation. Scientific research follows the scientific method, a four-step process that guides in the accumulation of knowledge.

The four steps of the scientific method are observation of a phenomenon, formulation of a hypothesis, prediction of future outcomes or other phenomena, and experimentation to test the validity of the predictions.

A hypothesis becomes a theory, if the experiments confirm its validity. Otherwise, it must be modified or rejected and the data further examined. Through observation and experimentation, humans determine the validity of their beliefs to better understand the nature of reality.

If more decision making in the world was based on the scientific method, the humandkind would have a common ground to learn and act using accumulated observations and knowledge. Now, decision making is hindred by ungrounded and unproven beliefs that drive the humankind to repeat the same mistakes.

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Pro Equality

In accordance with the universal equality and similarity of individuals, to promote the strength to individual reasoning and decision making outside of groups.

Belongingness is the human emotional need to be an accepted member of a group. It is a strong and inevitable part of human nature. Whether it is a family, friends, co-workers, a religion, a political movement, a country, or something else, people tend to have an 'inherent' desire to belong to and be an important part of something greater than themselves. The feeling of 'being a part of something greater than themselves' is shamelessly abused by leaders at all levels of society.

In order to be accepted within a group, individuals may convey or conceal certain parts of their personalities to those whom they are trying to impress. This is known as self-presentation. Belongingness drives people to adapt and change themselves even against their better judgment.

As a result, the humandkind is divided into numerous groups based on such abstract man-made categories as economical and social stratification, social class, law or state, religion or secularization, gender or sexuality, or some form of deviance.

Both belongingness and not belongingness in society have severe consequences in the world from a personal sphere of influence to the politics of the nations. Not belongingness and rejection ouside of groups lead to a lower self-esteem, depression, and to a position of isolation with aggressive actions and antisocial behavior.

People are hesitant to dissolve even bad relationships that could be potentially destructive, and individuals succumb to the misguided make-believes by the group leaders. Where people among themselves do not have a quarrel, isolated groups behind political, religious, gender, and other borders fight against each other led by the ones who felt the rejection the worst.

Science Equality Environment Planet

Pro Active Wellbeing

To educate the hazards of sedentary and isolated lifestyle and to promote healthy positive everyday wellbeing for both body and mind.

In the developed countries, millions of people are suffering from sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and the resulting health problems. In the USA, over two-thirds of the population is overweight or obese and the obesity related healthcare costs are over $200b annually. Obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and musculoskeletal diseases cause a high burden for several stakeholders with accumulated costs in society rising up to tens of percents of GDP in some countries.

A modern life is characterized by physical inactivity, which is the fourth leading cause of premature death in western countries. People might feel bad for not exercising three times per week, but at the same time, they might be sitting for 12 hours in a bad position every single day without even thinking about it. Not moving is still considered luxurious or a symbol of high status, even if it has a serious negative impact on health.

Even standing up from a chair regularly helps in losing weight and keeping blood sugar levels stable, and thus, in improving mood, vigour and concentration. Wellbeing is the key how individual's life manifests desires, objectives and needs, and how these affect the individual's perspective. Depressed people are drawn to see things physically and socially threatening with the emphasized sense of sadness and loss. Only active mind can learn new, see the beauty in the world, and learn from mistakes.

It is time people should start pursuing ideals that bring good mental and fysical feeling, instead of pursuing ideals set to them by surrounding groups based on their own conflicting intrests. Next time when somebody asks you to sit down, stand proudly.

Science Equality Wellbeing Planet

Pro Environment and Climate

To promote the facts that the climate change and global warming are happening and the humankind is the primary cause.

It still requires work to convince people in high decision-making positions to understand the dire consequences of climate change. The scientific evidence is clear. Yet, there are people who are trying to approach this topic, as everything else in their life, as a matter of belief. Thus, they are jeopardizing the well-being and survival of the billions of other people.

The sea level is projected to rise by between 52cm and 98cm by 2100, threatening coastal cities, low-lying deltas and small island nations. Snow cover and sea ice are projected to continue to reduce, and some models suggest that the Arctic could be ice-free in late summer by the latter part of the 21st century.

One major worry is that increased heat and humidity could make physical work outside impossible. Many new parts of the Earth will become inhabitable, while we expect the exponentially growing overpopulation of the planet to continue.

If more decision making in the world was based on the scientific method and rational thinking of individuals instead of belief-driven leaders, the humandkind might have a chance to survive from the disaster where our planet is on its way.

Science Equality Wellbeing Environment

Pro Planet

To promote the decision-making to serve the benefit of the whole planet and the humankind instead of isolated groups behind political, religious, gender, and other borders.

Overconsumption is costing us the Earth and human happiness. So called "American Dream", in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, is made into an idealized life-long goal and pursued by billions of working people around the globe. Today, it is connected especially to the dream of buying more of everything. However, consumerism is always bad, adding little to our wellbeing while being disastrous to the planet.

Overconsumption demands overuse of our natural resources and, as a result, it generates more waste than the humankind can process and dispose. The problem is extremely difficult to address, because it requires a change in values considered fundamental priviledges and even human rights by billions of people.

Overconsumption is driving the humandkind to fight over the diminishing resources in arms. To satisfy the ever-increasing demands of national interests, the decision making is forced to maximize the benefit of the sub-groups of the human population. We have already entered an era where the humankind is a real threat to the planet. Nationalist thinking is simply not enough to guarantee even the survival of your own nation.

We have only one planet.