Research and Training Institute ReTI Foundation


Research and Training Institute ReTI Foundation

ReTI Foundation at a Glance

Founded and Registered
1997 in Finland
Finnish Patent and Registration Office
Organization Form
NGO, Nonprofit Foundation
Governing Law
Finnish Law and Foundations Act
Operative Form
Research Foundation
Registered Office
Espoo, Finland

Research and Training Institute ReTI Foundation

Research and Training Institute ReTI Foundation is a publicly registered and audited foundation in Finland. By the Finnish law, all the registered foundations in Finland are not-for-profit organizations without ownership.

The ReTI Foundation is independent and private non-governmental organization. It was founded in 1997 by Dr Tommo Reti, who continues to lead the foundation as the Chairman of the Board.

The ReTI Foundation is a think tank performing research and advocacy in global issues. The mission of the foundation is to foster innovation, scientific research, and communication in its chosen key areas. The special emphasis is in helping and supporting entrepreneurship, small enterprises and talented young students. The foundation educates general public in science, business, and politics.

As a scientific research foundation, the ReTI Foundation performs its own research and development providing advice and expert support concerning public laws and policies. The foundation is an active member in the international research community and participates in joint-ventures with corporations and universities from all corners of the world.

As a not-for-profit organisation, the ReTI Foundation is an ideal project partner to offer means to the Public-Private-Partnership collaborations to accelerate the decoupling of public funding.

The ReTI Foundation promotes environment-friendly values in all its operations, see the mission of the ReTI Foundation for more information about the key areas of operations.