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The ReTI Foundation runs purely on volunteer work and funding. When you want to support our mutual cause in the ReTI Foundation, you can be certain that the donations do not go to employee salaries and expensive infrastructure. Yet, even the slimmest organisation generates some costs to keep the organisation legit and the voice heard.

Even the smallest donations are welcomed to cover necessary operating costs, such as annual governmental tax of 120 euros for just being registered in the Finnish Register of Foundations or mandatory annual auditing of 300 euros dictated by the Finnish law. Naturally, these costs ensure very close supervision of foundations by the authorities in Finland.

In 2017, the ReTI Foundation accepts only donations requested by private individuals in connection with invitations to their special occasions and the related interviews, and based on requests for monetary donations in death notices and obituaries.

In other words, if a dead person or a person celebrating something has not asked you to donate money to the ReTI Foundation, we cannot receive your donation according to the Finnish Money Collection Act (255/2006). However, we gladly sell you the ReTI Foundation Official Merchandise without mentioned hinderance.

Thank you for your consideration!